Our mission

Simplify the experience and achieve high profitability.

We seek to create a new moment in the market, where new investors have the opportunity to invest in cryptocurrencies safely and sustained by an innovative project.


Our main core

Investments in Cryptocurrencies

HPX Crypto's main focus is investing in the cryptocurrencies market through assets purchase and sale operations. We also invest in new technologies and trends that make the market more valued every day.

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Strategic planning

Why are we prepared?

Each step in this market has many possibilities for gains and crucially increases its credibility with other players. With that in mind, we carefully organize our strategic planning for the next five years, betting on new trends and technologies.

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We take privacy and data security very seriously. We protect and secure financial and personal data with the most advanced layers of security.



Innovation is the key word for those like us who want to take advantage of the best investment opportunities.


High Performance

Investments in training and skilled personnel make our results higher than expected within this market.


Investment Calculator


  • Earn 140% in 33 days
  • 4.24% daily


  • Earn 140% in 69 days
  • 2.02% daily

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