E-Bull is the best choice for investors!

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E-Bull Coin will be launched in 2020 and will be listed on the main exchanges of cryptocurrencies. The usability and affordability of the currency positions E-Bull Coin as a world currency and the currency of choice for investors.

With an emphasis on high performance, safety and agility, E-Bull Coin has advanced technology that develops and enhances the basic functionality of pioneering cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, adopting an innovative model for currency appreciation and sharing.


Beautiful, functional and nearly ready to launch



We make use of E-Bull Coin safe and simple. You can instantly transact it with anyone in the world



E-Bull will be accepted in several exchanges in the world


High Performance

The first currency to offer rapid appreciation. This supports trading strategies and makes it profitable



E-Bull coin has the best technology on the market allowing greater anonymity, privacy and security for its users



E-Bull Coin has a digital insurance policy for users. With this, our users do not run the risk of losing their assets


Fast Transactions

You can send E-Bull to anyone in the world within seconds. It's very fast and safe

Our Numbers

How do we use our incomes

Of the total investments we receive monthly, we divide into:
85% Coin funds
5% E-Bull team
5% Operational costs
5% Marketing

E-Bull Coin first steps

February 2018
Beginning of Creation

The first draft of the project was written and the idea began to be put into practice.

December 2018
Project and Site Launch

Here is our zero mark. After months of planning, the E-Bull Coin project takes shape and is launched on the internet.

January 2019
Investment Release

Investments on HPX Crypto and its currency will be released to interested investors.

December 2019

We have a target of 100,000 investors by the end of 2019.

February 2020
Start Mining

Beginning of E-Bull Coin mining process.

December 2020

Official launch of the operational headquarters in Bangkok (Thailand), where the exchange operations will also be managed and regulated.

January 2021
Wallet Launch

Launch of the first version of the E-Bull currency wallet.

March 2021
Exchange Launch

HPX will also open its own exchange, that will be E-Bull’s main marketing source.

April 2021
Worldwide Negotiations

At this stage we believe that E-Bull will already have great value in the market and will be negotiated by big players of the world of cryptocurrencies.


How it works

E-Bull Appearance
Investment in our Platform
Daily Profits
Currency Mining
E-Bull Appreciation
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